Who We Are

Fortune DNA is a company built and run by true entrepreneurs. Real life business owners who know and understand business and have experience starting and running a successful business.

How much more profitable could you be if you had a group of powerful seasoned entrepreneurs in your corner? We recognize that growing and protecting your wealth requires much more than just a savvy estate plan.

Asset Protection

You’re an entrepreneur. You have taken risks that most people are not willing to take, put up your own money, invested countless hours of your time and sometimes pushed yourself beyond “reasonable” limits to get your business idea up and running.

You took a risk and it paid off. There’s one thing that you should not risk, and that’s starting a business without an adequate liability shield and reliable asset protection.

There are many ways to setup asset protection, which one is best for you and your situation? Which type of entity (or entities) should you form and in which state? It’s crucial that you structure your business in a way that you can keep your personal liability at a minimum and also keep your business’s tax liability at the lowest possible rate.

Fortune DNA offers the latest up to date options that will minimize your risk and maximize your profits. Let our experts guide you to setup an asset protection plan that will work for you.


Investment Grade Insurance Contracts

Why stay stuck in investments that force you to pay taxes on it’s growth and serve up a stiff penalty when you withdraw your money? Investment-grade insurance contracts are an investment strategy that makes sense. These insurance contracts allow you to invest your money without having to pay tax on its growth, but it also allows you to withdraw your money when you need it without having to pay huge taxes and fees on the withdrawal.

What this means for you is you can invest your money, earn interest, earn interest on your interest and not share your hard earned wealth with the government.

End the cycle of needlessly giving your money away. Schedule a consultation with our experts at Fortune DNA and we will guide you on the best investment strategy for the greatest return.


Fortune Freedom Program

With our Fortune Freedom Qualified Rollover Program, you can take qualified money (i.e. money subject to government tax whims when you retire) and stop the tax growth. At the same time, it provides capital you can access for your business or personal needs, grows at a guaranteed and competetive interest rate, and substantially increases the value of your estate at death.

Let The Tax Code Work For You


Tax Strategies

No one willingly wants to pay more taxes to the IRS than what is required. Navigating the tax code to find the optimal tax strategy is a huge undertaking. Not even the legislators who passed the code use an optimized tax strategy! A tax strategy is an essential plan not just for calculating taxes owed, but also for planning ahead and investing your money in a way that let’s you keep more of it.


Estate Planning

Most people understand that estate planning is about making sure your future is secure and that your loved ones will be well taken care of. Estate planning has other levels to it such that most people are not aware of. Maintaining or even increasing your present lifestyle, protecting your assets, and giving yourself and your loved ones the means to enjoy the one life you have.


Raising Capital

A brilliant idea, hard work, and a plan to monetize are the start of every great company. Now all you need is some start-up capital to move forward.

Or maybe you have established your business and are ready to expand to the next level of growth and need to raise some money to make it happen.

In either case you have a vision and the gutso to get there, you just need a better cash flow to make the next leap. At Fortune DNA we understand. We are a team of entrepreneurs ourselves and we know exactly where you are.

Starting-up or growing, either way the process for raising capital are very highly regulated and may even have long term tax consequences you may not forsee.

At Fortune DNA we have an elite team of experts who are highly experienced in leading the way to raising capital and helping you to understand which options are the best for you and your business. Not all funding is the same, get the knowledge you need before a decision is made.



Seminars and Events

Knowing your options and awareness of possibilities is 90% of the decision making process. At Fortune DNA we offer seminars and events with a line-up of world class speakers to help you make informed, educated decisions on what is your next best step.

Our events are no fluff, pitch free and filled with the education you need to make informed decisions on taxes, business, estate planning and more. These events are exclusive to our clients and sell out quickly.