Fortune DNA's Fourth of July Special

Check out Fortune DNA's 4th of July deal below! You won't want to miss out on this one!!

This is a critical part of your business plan and wealth building. Don't let everything you have worked to build be threatened with waste, misuse or a fight.

Leave a legacy! Benefit a charity, your family, OR friends. Maybe your friends and family ARE your charity. :)

If you die without a plan, it will be a mess - guaranteed! Of course, you can leave your money to's up to you.

Finally, it doesn't matter if you are single, poor, no kids, big family, 2nd marriage, etc... everyone has SOMETHING that needs to be planned for. 

Contact us now by emailing Regular price $1997. 4th of July Special $1497. Veterans or Active Military $997

- Medical power of Attorney
- Financial Power of Attorney
- Rights of Survivorship
- Medical Directives
- Pour Over Will Provision
- Living Will
- Real Property Transfer
- AND Gifting

4th of july special .png